our vision

Bethel Church exists to...
Worship. Grow. Serve. Together.

: Part of being a disciple of Jesus means worshiping the God who redeems us and calls us by name. Bethel Church offers weekly worship services to help disciples of Jesus experience the presence of the living God.

Grow: Being a disciple of Jesus is never over. Bethel offers many different kinds of opportunities to continue to learn and grow as followers of Jesus.

Serve: Jesus came as a humble, sacrificial servant. His act of service was bringing broken humanity some good news. Being a disciple of Jesus involves sharing this good news through both word and deed.   

Together: The body of Christ is given to disciples of Jesus so that we can help, pray for, encourage and challenge one another. In a world of individualism, the church seeks to be a covenant community that is devoted to each other. We worship, grow and serve best when we are doing these things together.