We exist to serve.  

At our baptisms, we make a covenental vow.  
We promise to love, encourage, support, and pray for each other.
Bethel Church is a body of Christ that deeply cares for each other. We look for ways to serve each other and pray for each other. 

local service

Bethel Church exists to serve.

We seek to share the good news of Jesus with others by serving the community in various ways.  

We are involved regularly in local service projects.   Each June we get involved in the Black Oak Community to provide basic home restoration and repair to those in need.  

We also have a Helping Hands Ministry that seeks to provide help for anyone who may be in need.   If you or someone you know needs help with something, let us know by contacting Pastor Cal at and we will see what we can do!

global service

We also try to be involved in sharing the good news in our global community.

Each spring, Bethel teenagers and adults journey somewhere for a Spring Break Service Project, often related to Hurricane or Tornado relief.

We also support ministries and missionaries around the world.

our missionaries

Arensens:  Lanny and Carla work for Africa Inland Mission International whose vision is to see “Christ-centered churches among all African peoples.” Lanny has served as International Director since 2002, based at the International Office in Bristol, England. His role is to provide spiritual, authoritative, and visionary leadership to the entire AIM family.

Bardwells:  Dan is the pastor of a small home study/church. He teaches English, helps national churches with outreach programs—  B.E.E. and C.E.F summer programs, Vacation Bible School and evangelism. They are on the edge of the Carpathian Mountains and there are other villages all over the Carpathian Mountains. God has given them the time to start exploring these villages for contacts to start new outreaches. English is the best tool God has given.

Hernandez:  Guillermo leads church services and weekly Bible studies, teaches Adult Sunday School, plays guitar and sings on the praise team, and counsels members. He is also the Spiritual Director of the school. Shelley is the Director of Caminito de Jesus. She is in charge of teacher training and curriculum development. She is also very involved in the church—  plays piano, sings on the praise team, leads a women’s Bible study, directs Sunday School programs, etc.

Rachel Lagestee:  Rachel is currently appointed as a Missionary with African Inland Mission (AIM) and is on a TIMO team that is planting a church among the unreached in Tanzania.

Lois Ooms:  Lois is ministering as a trainer and consultant for transformational development with Mission to the World (Presbyterian Church in America). After 39 years in Kenya and Eritrea, she is now based in the Chicago area and travels to various countries of Africa and the Middle East to train and mentor leaders and advise groups with several missions on development programs.

Vander Dykes:  Mike has worked with Christian Reformed World Missions in Nigeria since 1979. Mike and Victoria serve with the Missions Department of the Christian Reformed Church of Nigeria (CRCN). The Van Der Dykes assist the CRCN in planting churches among unreached peoples in rural and urban areas in Nigeria and other West African countries.

VanProyens:  Mike and Pretty are ministering in the Evangelism Department of Word of Life Philippines. This is a ministry that sets up and coordinates all the evangelistic outreach events of Word of Life Philippines. Some of the events we work with are: Weekend Evangelism Ministries for the 1st year Bible Institute Students, Open Air Evangelism events, Special evangelism trips to places all over the Philippines, Missions Reality Trips, and many more. This is an incredibly exciting ministry to be a part of. This is a ministry in which we get to see thousands of people a year come to the saving knowledge of our God and Savior Jesus Christ.

stephen ministry

Stephen Ministry is a one-on-one confidential lay pastoral care ministry for those who are going through a crisis or major change in their lives. Individuals must go through a fourteen session training program prior to be commissioned as a Stephen Minister. To access more information about the training or to request a Stephen Minister, please contact one of the pastors. 

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